Cupping therapy for effective healing from diseases

Cupping therapy is a part of traditional Chinese medicine in which special cups are used at various points in the body for creating suction. It activates the natural healing system of the body which leads to better overall health. It is considered one of the effective complementary treatment methods for getting relief from muscle tension and pain. It is a scientifically-proven treatment for reducing inflammation and promoting blood circulation. Also, it is advised for various digestive issues, respiratory problems, menstrual discomforts, and much more.

If you are looking forward to experiencing the benefit of cupping, Richmond Hill Acupuncture Pro has the experts for it. We provide cupping as part of our clinical acupuncture services. As licensed therapists with expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, we are well-equipped to provide cupping healing sessions for improving your health.

What are the benefits of our cupping therapy?

Safety-first approach

At Richmond Hill Acupuncture Pro, our priority is to give you effective healing in a safe and comfortable environment. We follow a safety-first approach to ensure you have a relaxing healing session. We do not recommend cupping if it is not safe for you. Though cupping is available with our clinical acupuncture services, we do it only if it is appropriate for your health status.

Glass cupping for maximum effect

Our therapists never use cheap plastic suction cups for the procedure. As historically used in Chinese cupping, we use sterilized glass cups to give you effective care and proper healing. It might leave circular marks after the session which will fade in a few days.

Result-oriented treatment

At Richmond Hill Acupuncture Pro, we consider each patient as unique. After analyzing their health status and conditions, our expert therapists will define the treatment procedure to address your specific health issue. Our cupping therapy will be aimed at giving you relief from your discomforts.

Effective relief

Cupping has been a common practice in Eastern cultures for many centuries now. It is relatively new to the western world. There is growing evidence about the benefits of using cupping for muscle tensions and other common health conditions. At our clinic, we follow the traditional approach of cupping for effective healing under proper care.

Painless cupping therapy

Our acupuncture practitioners are well-trained and experienced to provide effective cupping therapy with minimal pain and discomfort. It is not painful at all, but you may feel a pressure sensation similar to how you feel during a deep massage session. Usually, the cups are left on your body for 10-30 minutes. Our therapist will continuously check-in to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. If any part of the procedure makes you uncomfortable, please let us know and we will take care of it. We ensure you are in a deep relaxation state for getting the benefits of cupping.

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