Gua Sha

Gua Sha for effective pain relief and complete relaxation

At Richmond Hill Acupuncture Pro, we offer professional Gua Sha treatment as part of our clinical acupuncture services. Our professional Gua Sha treatment helps you get relief from chronic pain and muscle tension. If you want to inculcate Gua Sha along with your acupuncture session, our practitioners can help. Given our deep expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, we offer the best-rated Gua Sha services that give you an incredible healing experience.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a natural therapy in which a massage tool is used to scrape the skin. It is an ancient method based on traditional Chinese medicine which gives amazing healing benefits. During the procedure, the therapist scrapes your skin with the tool to stimulate blood circulation. The soft tissues help to reduce inflammation, release pain, and promote overall healing of the body. Generally, it is done on the back, arms, legs, neck, etc.  

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an effective complementary therapy for getting relief from chronic pain and inflammation. It stimulates the natural immune response of the body leading to better health. It works well for people suffering from pain in the neck, lower back, shoulders, etc. It is effective for pain related to tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, golf elbow, rotator cuff injuries, athletic training, etc. This ancient treatment technique is beneficial who struggle with frequent migraines and tension headaches. When done by a professional acupuncturist, Gua Sha improves your overall emotional and physical well-being.

Our specialties

At Richmond Hill Acupuncture Pro, we use semi-precious gems and crystals for our Gua Sha treatment. We use the best quality stones which increases the effectiveness of the treatment and promotes detoxification of the body. Our trained practitioners carefully massage and scrap the soft tissues at specific points to release the tension and stimulate blood circulation. The gemstones have healing properties that improve your overall health and well-being.

Our acupuncture treatment is done in a calm and cozy space by our expert practitioners. We are a registered acupuncture clinic with licensed and experienced therapists who have an in-depth understanding of traditional Chinese medicine. We are trained to do Gua Sha caringly and empathetically so that the patient gets a soothing feeling. We make sure you are having a safe and comfortable experience. We use only sterilized massage tools and we take all the safety precautions before we do the task.

Our Gua Sha services are given as part of our clinical acupuncture services. We will combine it with the acupuncture session if required. We do not recommend Gua Sha if your health status doesn’t allow it. If Gua Sha is advisable, we assure you of a relaxing and painless experience.

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